Chinese Teaching & Learning Tools

Curriculum & Lesson Planning offers a series of online videos of teaching Chinese in action, as well as other languages.

CLASS has many resources for teachers.

Nanduti is a project of the Center for Applied Linguistics, dedicated to Foreign Language Teaching in K-8.

AP Chinese Language and Culture Course Home Page

Chinese Teaching Tools

I. DIctionaries is a light-weight English to Chinese online dictionary. You can search for words by Chinese, Pinyin, or English definition. Very comprehensive.

zhongwen.comSearch for words by pronunciation, radical, stroke count or English definition. There are also many interesting FAQs about characters on this site.

II. Pinyin

GREAT site for listening to pinyin and tones.

Chinese Tone Game

Pinyinput: Software on your PC or Mac to type pinyin

III. Chinese Characters

Gridded Paper


Character worksheets

Chinese Input Method Editor

ACCESS (Advanced Chinese Character Electronic Search System)

Correct Stroke Order

Sougou: the most popular and easiest Chinese character input software

Chinese Character Writing Game

Yellow Bridge: Chinese dictionary with animated character stroke order