NYU Graduates: Where are they now?

Schools and Organizations Where NYU Graduates Teach

Graduates from NYU's Master's in Teaching Foreign Language (Chinese) program teach Chinese in schools and colleges across New York City, New York State, and as far away as China. Here is a partial listing of schools where they teach:

Our graduates are featured in the news and make presentations sharing their experiences and knowledge at DCLT forums as well as at conferences:

Chris Livaccari is the Associate Director of Chinese Language Initiatives for Asia Society. Chris has also worked as a teacher of both Chinese and Japanese. His article "Anatomy of an Introductory Language Lesson" shows how to use immersion methodology to get your students engaged and learning.

Huang Lumin started a new Chinese program in middle and high school in New Rochelle Schools. Her program was featured in the February 12 edition of the local newspaper, The Sound Report.

Xuan Wang  teaches Mandarin at Suffern Middle School in upstate New York.

Polly Li teaches Chinese Language and Culture in Horace Greeley High School, Chappaqua, New York.

Nicole Tsai is in her third year teaching Mandarin at Oceanside High School on Long Island. Her students are so proud of their work that they posted a video on YouTube.

Helen W. Huang teaches 7th and 8th grade Mandarin at the Village Community School in Greenwich Village. She is currently working on her second Master's degree at NYU, in Theater Education.