Rock That Movie 2017 Videos

Rock that Movie 2017 Awards and Videos

We are thrilled to present all the 2017 student videos! This year, we received a total of 29 student-made Chinese videos of various levels. These videos are rated based on Chinese proficiency level as well as four categories: "Content & Storytelling", "Film-Making", "Fluency and Comprehensibility" and "Linguistic Accuracy".

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To view the photos from Rock that Movie 2017 ceremony, please click here.

Grand Prize

Gold Prize: Newcomers High School - "美丽的错误“

Silver Prize: Francis Lewis High School - “我不是恶霸”

Bronze Prize:  Scarsdale school - "A Gife of Charity"

Elementary School

Elementary School - 1st Prize:Tenafly Public Schools - “Roman的希望”

Middle School

Middle School - 1st Prize:Jericho Middle School - “一个友爱的世界”

Middle School-2nd Prize: Tenafly Public Schools -“我们的希望”

Middle School – 3rd Prize:NEST+m - ”The Sleepover“ 

High School

High School Chinese Level Ⅱ-1st Prize (tie):Sidwell friends School - “杀木”

High School Chinese Level Ⅲ-1st Prize (tie): Scarsdale school - "互相接受彼此的文化“

High School Chinese Level Ⅲ-1st Prize (tie): Medgar Evers College Preparatory School - “Our World"

AP and Advanced Chinese-1st Prize:  EF Academy - "从过去的愿望走到如今的现状“

High School Chinese Level Ⅲ-2nd Prize:Sidwell friends School - “传奇”

AP and Advanced Chinese-2nd Prize: Bronx High School of Science - “这个世界全是套路”

AP and Advanced Chinese-3rd Prize: EF Academy - “让世界充满爱”

Film Making

Film-Making – 1st Prize:  Scarsdale school - "Friendly Wish to the World"

Film-Making – 2dn Prize:Scarsdale school - “World Harmony” 

Fluency and Comprehensibility

Fluency and Comprehensibility – 1st Prize: Fieldston School - "你为什么来美国“ 

Fluency and Comprehensibility-2nd Prize: Francis Lewis High School -“Full Circle”

Linguistic Accuracy

Linguistic Accuracy- 1st Prize: Scarsdale school - "Our Friendly Wish"

Linguistic Accuracy – 2nd Prize: Francis Lewis High School -“信任危机“

Content & Storytelling 

Content and Story-Telling-1st Prize: Bayside High School - "To Live"

Content and Story Telling- 2nd Prize:The Bronx High School of Science - “要吃得健康”

Content and Story Telling- 3rd Prize (tie) : NEST+m - “Imagin“

Content and Story- telling- 3rd Prize (tie):Tenafly Public Schools - “动物的希望”

Honorable Mention

Honorable mention (all around):  Newcomers High School - 更好

Honorable mention (all around): Bayside High School - "Meaning of Money"

Honorable mention: Bayside High School - "Homeless and Hungry"

Honorable mention: Bayside High School - "Tuning Hopes"

Honorable mention: Tenafly High School - "Holding Hands"