Rock That Movie Night 2019

The Rock that Movie video competition was started in 2014 by Chinese teachers Bing Qiu of Bronx High School of Science and Xuan Wang, then of Suffern Schools and now of Sidwell Friends School in Washington, D.C. They were looking for ways to inspire their students and themselves. In that first year, eight schools participated and submitted 12 videos to the competition.

This year’s Rock That Movie competition was the most successful and competitive yet! In 2019, 272 students from 24 schools – two elementary, 14 middle and 24 high schools --submitted 50 videos to the  Rock that Movie competition! A total of 19 teachers supervised the making of the videos. Students from Washington, D.C., Columbus, Ohio, Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania and Pewaukee, Wisconsin joined students from across New York City to share their fabulous videos.

The 2019 Theme was "When the past meets the future" and the celebration and awards ceremony was held on Friday, June 14th.

Congratulations to all entrants and winners!

Grand Prizes

Gold Prize: Hudsonway Immersion School - "Hello Tomorrow 明天你好"

Silver Prize: North Shore Middle School - "The Past Shows What The Future Will Hold 过去指引将来"

Bronze Prize: Francis Lewis High School - "《破茧》"

All-around Prizes

Content and StoryTelling:  Scarsdale High School - "永恒的真爱"

Linguistic Accuracy: High School for Dual Language and Asian Studies - "过去的未来"

Fluency and Comprehensibility: Newcomers High School - "你好,過去"

Film-Making & Technical Skills (Tied): The Bronx High School of Science - "When Past Meets Future" 

and Warwick High School - "Chinese Cloth"

First Prize by Level

AP First Prize: High School for Dual Language and Asian Studies - "时光列车 (Time Shuttle)"

Chinese I First Prize: Rye Middle School - "The Past Meets the Future 过去遇见未来"

Chinese II First Prize: The Bronx High School of Science - "不要害怕"

Chinese III First Prize: Brooklyn Technical High School - "觉醒"

Middle School First Prize: Newark Academy - "Back to the Future "

Previous years' videos

The theme for Rock that Movie 2018 was Do the Right Thing: Making the world a better place for all of us.

The theme for Rock that Movie 2017 was Our Friendly Wish to the World.

Rock that Movie 2016 received 26 video entries from schools across the country.

Bayside High School won the Rock that Movie 2015 competition with their moving video, Time.  

Amazing videos from the 2014 Rock that Movie competition came from 8 schools.