About Developing Chinese Language Teachers

The Project for Developing Chinese Language Teachers (DCLT) of New York University's Steinhardt School of Culture, Education, and Human Development, funded by the Freeman Foundation, was established in 2007 to provide services and support to Chinese language teachers, schools and school districts, and students in NYU's degree programs for Chinese teachers. DCLT offers a series of "Friday Night Forums" providing practical professional development for pre- and in-service Chinese teachers; works in schools to mentor and support Chinese language teachers and programs; and conducts research into the successful ingredients of Chinese language programs and teachers. The goal of the project is to develop and support qualified, quality Chinese language teachers to meet the growing demand for K-12 Chinese Language Programs.

NYU’s Developing Chinese Language Teachers (Project: DCLT) provides services to school districts, individual schools, and teachers to meet the growing demands for Chinese Language programs and teachers in K-12 schools in the US. The goals of the project are to develop and train qualified Chinese language teachers who are capable of establishing and sustaining Chinese Language Programs, and to work with schools and districts toward the same end.

The demand for Chinese programs in American schools is growing exponentially; and training programs for Chinese teachers and resources for those teachers need to grow along with the demand. NYU's Steinhardt School of Education established the Program in Foreign Language Education in Chinese (FLEC) in 1999. The program was the first of its kind on the East Coast, and currently graduates approximately 20-30 students per year.

Project DCLT seeks to first expand and improve NYU's FLEC program through recruitment, enhanced course of study, emphasis on good pedagogical practices, and collaboration between the FLEC program and NYU's College of Arts and Science. Over the term of the project, we will also initiate an Alternative Teacher Preparation course, will work to achieve greater coordination with State Departments of Education, and will establish a virtual Chinese Language Teacher Training Center to serve continuing education and distance-learning needs of Chinese Teachers and Teacher candidates.

MA in Foreign Language Education (Chinese)

Students in NYU’s MA in Foreign Language Education take courses in Chinese Linguistics and Chinese for Chinese Teachers, as well as courses in Foreign Language Teaching Methodology. Students will work as student teachers alongside master teachers of Chinese. This degree program, the first of its kind on the East Coast, leads to NY State certification in 7-12, with an extension to K-6. Job placement assistance is provided, and scholarships are available through the gracious assistance of Hanban and the College Board.

Graduates of the MA program teach Chinese in schools across New York and the US, as well as in international schools in China. Find out more about our graduates and the work they are doing here.

The website offers more information. You may also email program faculty member Robin Harvey, at robin.harvey@nyu.edu.

Professional Development

Project DCLT offers a series of seminars and monthly forums for in-service teachers dealing with issues specific to Chinese language teaching. Professional development credits are offered at each forum. Information and pictures from seminars and forums held in 2007- 2016 are available here. Follow us on Facebook or email dclt.nyu@gmail.com to join our mailing list for up-to-date events.

We also serve non-matriculated students who wish to take courses in Chinese Education and/or pedagogy to fulfill deficiencies in their application for state certification.