Rock that Movie

Rock that Movie video competition was started in 2014 by Chinese teachers Bing Qiu of Bronx High School of Science and Xuan Wang, then of Suffern Schools and now of Sidwell Friends School in Washington, D.C. They were looking for ways to inspire their students and themselves. The first year, only a few schools participated. In the 2018 competition, more than 10 schools and 150 students submitted more than 30 videos. Participants include students from elementary through high school. Check out the winners for Rock that Movie 2019 event. Registration for Rock that Movie 2020 is open until March 1.

Stories for Teaching Chinese

In summers of 2012-15, the NYU StarTalk Immersion Training Program for Teachers of Chinese (K-6) for pre- and in-service teachers of Chinese welcomed teachers to NYU for training leading to certification in Teaching Chinese (grades K-6). The teachers participated in the graduate-level summer course “Teaching Foreign Language to Elementary School Children” (FLES), which leads to NY state certification extension in the foreign language to grades 1-6. Follow-up training sessions concentrated on immersion education. A series of pattern stories based on culturally important stories from the Chinese-speaking world were developed by participants in the StarTalk project. The stories were professionally illustrated by renowned illustrator Denis Bellocq, narrated, and published in iBook format using Book Creator software.

Teaching Chinese through Art, Music, and Culture

Explore teaching Chinese through the arts: Chinese and global, traditional and modern music calligraphy and more! Collaborations with China Institute and visits to their wonderful exhibits.

Innovative Classroom Activities and Technology

Ideas for teaching with technology, project-based learning, and other approaches.

Classroom Culture and Management 

Establish an inclusive and inspiring classroom environment at any level and in any program.

New Teachers & Career Advancement

Strategies to develop skills as a new teacher as well as leadership skills and the experience shared by Teachers.

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Chinese Teaching & Learning Tools

Selection of online tools to make Chinese teaching easier