Project for Developing Chinese Language Teachers: Staff


何柔彬 Robin Harvey
Clinical Assistant Professor, MMS
Director, Project DCLT                                                       

Robin Harvey is Clinical Assistant Professor of Foreign Language Education, TESOL, and Bilingual Education in the Multilingual/Multicultural Studies Program of New York University’s Steinhardt School of Culture, Education and Human Development. She is Director of NYU's Project for Developing Chinese Language Teachers (DCLT) and Co-Director of NYU Steinhardt’s new MA TESOL program at NYU Shanghai.

Harvey is the former program director of NYU’s StarTalk Immersion Training Program for Teachers of Chinese (1-6). She has taught English to elementary school children in Taiwan and is a former middle school Mandarin teacher. In 2004 she founded Greenwich Village Chinese, an afterschool and summer Chinese language program for students from toddler to 8th grade. Harvey is co-author (with Pauline Huang) of Rhythms and Tones: Inventive Songs & Chants for Learning Chinese (Chinasprout, 2010), and Rhythms and Tones 2 (Chinasprout, 2012). Her research lies in the areas of second language learning in K-12 settings, early immersion education, and literacy development in early second language learners of English and Chinese.


唐力行 Frank Lixing Tang, Ph.D.
Co-Director, Project DCLT
Multilingual Multicultural Studies                                                 

Frank L. Tang, Project Director and Principal Investigator for Project DCLT, is the professor of foreign language education at New York University.

Dr. Tang earned his bachelor's degree from Shanghai Teachers College in 1968 and his MA from Shanghai Teachers University in 1981. In 1989 he received his PhD in TESOL at New York University. Dr. Tang has worked extensively with New York City public schools as a teacher, staff developer, and in various administrative capacities, and maintains his strong affiliation with the NYC Department of Education.

Dr. Tang has been actively involved in promoting the growth of Chinese teaching in the U.S. He has been actively involved in Asia Society's Chinese Language Initiative. Dr. Tang is also a founding member of the Chinese Language Teachers Association of Greater New York, and the Shuangwen Dual Language School of English and Chinese, and an advisory board member of the Dual Language High School of East Asian Studies.

In addition to teaching graduate courses at NYU's Steinhardt School of Culture, Education, and Human Development, Dr. Tang actively pursues his research interests, which include second/foreign language teaching methodology, language-learning strategies, second language reading, and cross-cultural studies.



Harshul Balani
Graduate Student, NYU Tandon College of Engineering.
Graduate Assistant, Project DCLT

Harshul Balani is currently pursuing his Master’s degree in NYU Tandon College of Engineering. He has the experience as a Research Fellow during undergrad in the field of Optical Fibre Technology and as a System Engineer at GRRAS Solutions after undergrad. He has also participated in social events and won in various technical projects during his undergrad in India.

应天翼 Tianyi(Ty) Ying
Undergraduate Student, Liberal Studies Core Program
Undergraduate Assistant, Project DCLT

Tianyi Ying is currently pursuing his bachelor's degree in Liberal Studies Core Program at NYU. He has the experience of working as a member of The Student Judicial Board and advisor's assistant during high school. He has also interned at Ping An Securities in Shenzhen, China.    



张佳莹 Linda Zhang
Undergraduate Student, Stern School of Business
Undergraduate Assistant, Project DCLT

Linda Zhang is currently pursuing her bachelor's degree in Stern School of Business at NYU. She has the experience of working as a member of an environmental organization called Roots and Shoots during high school and also participated in a recycling project that donates computers to nursing homes in Shanghai.