Environmental Conservation Education

NYU Steinhardt’s Environmental Conservation Education program prepares you for a career in formal/non-formal environmental education, environmental consulting, and nonprofit work.

MA in Environmental Conservation Education
For more than 30 years, we’ve been preparing graduates for environmental leadership careers in educational, nonprofit, and corporate settings in the United States and around the world. Through an interdisciplinary curriculum that covers topics such as environmental thought, environmental debates, and environmental politics, you’ll gain an understanding of the theories, policies, and ethics that have shaped public discourse and understanding of our environment; examine national and local models of environmental education; analyze their relationship to contemporary issues of environmental literacy; and develop competencies in planning environmental education programs.

PhD in Teaching and Learning
This doctoral program, offered jointly with Science Education, has a focus on Science and Environmental Education and prepares scholars and practitioners for leadership roles in education, research, and policy. Build on your practice as an educator and use it to inform theory and research and contribute to educational reform, with a focus on environmental education.

NYU's Eco-Friendly Community

We are located on one of the most eco-friendly campuses in the country. Sierra Club's 2009 list of Cool Schools placed NYU, for the first time, in their top 20 list of eco-enlightened universities. NYU has made tremendous strides in the last several years to reduce its energy consumption and improve energy efficiency, from trayless dining rooms and compact fluorescent light bulbs in dormitories, to composting food waste for our gardens, using local produce, and encouraging biking and recycling. Our co-generation plant reduces greenhouse gas emissions by 23% and air pollutants by 68% while providing electricity for 22 NYU buildings.

The Sustainability Task Force awards grants to student-led green projects around campus, and offers opportunities for our students in to be engaged in local environmental education and sustainability initiatives. Learn more about sustainability at NYU.

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